eCommerce customers are always looking for new markets for further business growth and expansion. They need to find the best way, including the deployment of cost-effective logistics solutions, for them to fulfil their eCommerce shipments delivery in overseas. A lot of these customers have expanded their business coverage through Amazon.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) allows those eCommerce customers, such as online sellers, to store their products in Amazon’s fulfilment centres / warehouses. Amazon will help pick, pack, ship, and provide customer services for those stored products at their fulfilment centers. 

To cope with our customers’ business needs in this area, GTS has offered logistics solution for FBA services to overseas. We have initially offered FBA service to USA. 

Through our cross-border eCommerce solution team between Hong Kong SAR/China and USA, we provide the following areas of services for FBA to USA Logistics Fulfilment service:-

  1. Our Consultative Sales Specialist will offer professional knowledge and support to customers on knowing the required eCommerce import process, and share them with our expertise input on how to deploy the cost-effective approach and solution for shipping their FBA shipments to the destination countries.
  2. Advising you with the best and suitable approach on how to minimize the costs of using international shipping solution and other concerned cost elements, such as taxes and duty, involved in the FBA service.
  3. Supported by reliable eCommerce service providers and alliance network, such as DHL, UPS and FedEx, GTS has offered our customers the most affordable freight and courier rates, and value-for money delivery service lead time. GTS also helps manage customers’ supply chain and the end-to-end process from customers’ door to the FBA warehouses or their eCommerce partners in overseas.


Highlights of GTS’s FBA Service

Selected Key Features

  1. Handling your FBA shipments by International Air or Sea Freight solution and Export / Import customs clearance
  2. Assignment of an importer / Attorney for Customs Procedure (ACP) at the destination country for non-resident sellers;
  3. Handling your shipments delivery to FBA warehouses or eCommerce partners at the destination country
  4. Full tracking of your shipments